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Urinal Screens: Biodegradable and Scented
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Engage Your Customers

Everyone wants to express themselves when watching their sports team. PottieShot is a great new scented urinal screen that your customer will absolutely love.

What makes them different or better?

Aside from the obvious fun portion our Eco Friendly urinal screens begin to break down in the landfill within two and a half years versus over 90 years for the average urinal screen on the market. Whether our sports screens, custom screens or blank screens, we want to offer a better environmental choice for our customers and our planet.

What is a PottieShot?

PottieShot's are a patented 7 1/2 inch rubber polymer urinal screen. All of our screens are scented and bio degradable. Our sports urinal screens are all custom designed of the professional and collegiate teams.

We also do custom designs for Corporations, Stadiums, High Schools, and Fortune 500 companies who wants a more professional and Eco friendly appearance.

Our blank screens are sold in bulk across North America.

How was PottieShot created?

While visiting a local pub in Issaquah, Washington I noticed a rival professional football team sign on the wall. It was a simple tin sign stating what fans can park where. Nothing serious. It wasn't football season and my home team was over 2700 miles away, this rival team was even further. It didn't matter. I stared, simmered and contemplated my options.

Within the hour I mentally removed the metal from the offending sign so that I could place it wherever I wanted it, by then the micro brew I was drinking had run it's course...and bingo. I think I've found a permanent home for that sign. I'm positive I was smiling the moment PottieShot was born.

Why do Sport Bars and Stadiums purchase these?

The teams and the players we cheer for are the ones we support and love. We celebrate the good times and we share the sorrow when they lose. We watched our parents cheer, and uncle's cry, our children beam and smile when they score. We endure the losing seasons and we can't wait for the next one.

We purchase the jerseys,pay for the parking, the season's tickets and what ever price they ask for a hot dog with stadium mustard. PottieShot's are for the FANS. It's the one item Stadiums and Bar owner's purchase for the sole purpose of their customer's enjoyment. They purchase PottieShot's not because they have to, but because they appreciate your devotion and patronage and want to ensure no matter who wins or loses, you have fun while watching and cheering your team, and of course letting the opposition know exactly how you feel about them. And isn't that what it's all about?

We're 100% made in America and we always will be.

PottieShot is a great second income opportunity. Become a Distributor in your area. USA, Canada or International.
Every Team... Every Sport... Every Game!